Grilled Marinated Skirt Steak


It's grilling season and I have to say, this grass fed skirt steak is the best I've had. There are so many advantages to this cut, other than economically - the flavor, a 1-hour marinating time, a few minutes grilling time, and of course its versatility. I wanted the marinade to be light, to not overpower or mask the flavor of the meat. So I made a light, bright olive oil based marinade with lime, cilantro, garlic and cumin (etc.)...and it did the job! Skirt steak is famous for its use in fajit...

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Restaurant Style Mexican Salsa


It's almost Cinco de Mayo, and no better time to make salsa! I love making this salsa because it's so good, and quick and easy to pulse together in a food processor or blender. The smooth, saucy, lovely texture mimics the kind you find in Mexican restaurants, only I'm certain it's better! This is a great go-to, year round recipe - so no need to hunt for a jarred version at the store. My recipe starts at mild, and the amount of jalapeno and green chile strength can be adjusted to your liking - fr...

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Chewy Pizza Crust…From No-Knead-No-Roll Dough


Here is a pizza crust option that has nothing to do with me! It's a different application you may or may not have heard about yet. It was developed by baker and cookbook author Jim Lahey. I found it very interesting, and have to say many a food blogger and/or Foodie have taken it quite seriously. I tried it to see for myself, because I'm always searching dough variations (especially since I don't own a pizza oven). I experimented with this no-knead-no-roll dough method, at least a few times to s...

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Mexican Rice…side dish


Need a side dish for a Mexican themed dinner party or pot luck buffet? The kind that you get at your favorite Mexican restaurant to go with your enchilada, taco, chile relleno, chimichanga, etc.? Then this is for you. Just a few basic ingredients needed to make a substantial amount of this mild but authentic flavored side dish. Basmati rice, coconut oil (good flavor, but vegetable or olive oil are fine), fire roasted crushed tomatoes (for extra flavor), onion, garlic, chicken broth, ground cu...

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Bobby’s Chopped Salad…with Champagne vinaigrette


Ever get in a rut making the same-old, same-old thing...salad included? I know I do from time to time. So I thought I'd introduce you to an impressive tasty salad I've been making for decades! It's perfect anytime of year and guaranteed to please. My husband is crazy about it, I love it, and so does everyone I've served it to. The recipe comes from my friend Patti Jo's husband (Bobby) accomplished home cook.  My version incorporates only slight variations - cabbage and Romaine lettuce (in ...

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Luscious Lemon Gelato


I'm at it again...this time using fresh lemons because they are so good right now. This luscious, lovely lemon gelato is a celebration in your mouth. I'm talking sweet and tangy, refreshing, light and creamy all in one! It does take a good amount of (lemon) zest to punch up the flavor - if you love lemon, you won't mind all the leftover egg whites and lemons (for juicing) - there's plenty to of things to make with them later. I've made this recipe with Meyer lemons (today), which have tangerine ...

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Vegetable Soup…for whatever ails you (or not)


I can state a bunch of reasons for making this soup - it's still winter, I'm ailing, down and out, or just crave nutritious comfort food. Whatever it is, a pot of homemade vegetable soup can go the distance, and I don't know if there's such a thing as consuming too many veggies! If you don't mind the chopping, slicing and dicing involved in the preparation, then you have it made. This soup cooks about 30 minutes until delicious and satisfying...not to mention simple and earthy! I use chicken bro...

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Beef Stew…old school


My beef stew is based on my mom's pot roast recipe.  Nothing fancy, just down to earth flavor with the help of grass fed beef...cooked in a Dutch oven on the stove top. A slow cooker will also work, no problem - just brown the meat first in a skillet, and make sure to transfer all the bits from the bottom; it'll flavor the liquid, and you won't need enhancing with beef broth! Stew always hits the spot in the wintertime, with lots of potatoes, onions, carrots and peas. That said, it takes about ...

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Your Chocolate Valentine


Some of us are inclined to bypass the commercialism of V-Day and head straight to the kitchen and make a homemade treat. This year I'm recycling some of my favorite chocolate recipes to give you some ideas, and treat your special someone. From gelato and cake, to brownies and cookies - or decadent chocolates truffles or fudge. Indulge and enjoy! Click the link below each picture to view the recipe. Love Cookies: Chocolate Sweetheart Wafers Milk Chocolate Gelato Favorite Cocoa Brownie ...

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Homemade Chicken Broth (and soup)…mom’s everyday staple


Wow, too many viruses going around this winter. The weather has been all over the place, one week it's cold and raining, the next it's 75-80 degrees! This is not the time to reach for boxed my opinion. Nothing beats good a old fashioned homemade chicken broth (and soup) - plain or loaded with veggies, some chicken or beans or pasta or shredded cabbage or spinach! It's all good for your recovery. On the other hand, this was my mom's homemade chicken broth, a year round staple she never...

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